Pallet Wrapping Machine


SM-1700 Top Sheet Dispenser

Can be easily connected with fully automatic stretch wrapping system, needing only one or two sets of I/O without requiring any settings. Loading of film is quick and simple.

Touch-screen control panel, LED display shows machine operation status. Automatic self-testing of all switches and indication lights for faults.

Automatic fault detection and display system. Control panel automatically displays system faults and activates alarm to notify operator.

Loading of film is quick and simple. When film finishes, the system activates alarm and automatically ceases machine operation.

Automatically detects and isplays signal exchanges status if linked to wrapping machine in production line operation.

Safety first: System is designed to refuse command in case of incorrect of improper operation by the system operator.

Alarm is automatically activated to alert operator of improper operation, protecting the safety of operator and avoids damage to machine.

Top Sheet Dispenser of SM-1700 connected the Pallet Wrapping Machine of SM-1517 It can truly achieve waterproof and dustproof effects.


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Function / Model SM-1700 SM-1700-16 SM-1700-18
Power 220/380/415 AV, Ø3 220/380/415 AV, Ø3 220/380/415 AV, Ø3
Max. Film Size Capacity 1450mm x Ø250 1650mm x Ø250 1850mm x Ø250
Max. Pacing Area 1200mm x 1200mm 1300mm x 1300mm 1400mm x 1400mm
Max. Packing Height 2100mm 2100mm 2100mm
Film Elevator Speed 13m/min 13m/min 13m/min
Film Horizontal Speed 5m/min 5m/min 5m/min
Air Pressure 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Machine Dimension L2800 x W2100 x H2700mm L2900 x W2300 x H2700mm L3000 x W2500 x H2700mm